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I dont even know if i spelt the title of this blog entry correctly and quite honestly i dont really care because if your bored enough to read this than you probably dont care anyways. I made this profile specifically to vent. I dont know anything about EP but im learning. Pretty cool reading peoples stories and experiences. I have alot im going to write down over the next coming weeks. I think this will be a nice form of therapy for me.

Moving right along, i suppose this first entry is going to be short and to the point. While most normal working class citizens will be nesstled at home with there families for christmas day i will be in my ACU's stuck behind a staff duty desk taking phone calls and watching repeats of the weather report. I cant complain to much on account of im the one who raised my right hand and swore to protect and serve the United States but still sometimes i wish i was living a normal life again. People who arent soldiers, airman,marines,fire fighters,police officers or doctors dont understand what its really like to be a slave to your job. Your life comes second, your job becomes first, and you forget what freedom is. This will be my third christmas missed. I cant complain to much though i could be sitting on a OP in Afghanistan or christmas like my boys are right now. Im just thankful for people like my friends,family, and myself who protect and serve so the rest of the US can have a merry christmas. Remember FREEDOM ISNT FREE  

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